Need help finding the perfect property? We are licensed architects, contractors AND realtors, a combination we have found to be especially valuable for people looking to purchase a property to turn into their dream home.

We’ve walked in your shoes – over and over

Having started as developers, we’ve gotten really good at making the decisions you’ll be confronted with: finding the right property and turning it into a beautiful and functional home (that’s also a good investment).

Understanding the potential

The good thing about being architect-builders is that you learn to “read” a house. When we see a house, we see the potential, be it a remodel, additional or new construction. The same goes what you can do with it (permits, code), and what it will cost.

The right realtor

When you are looking for property to renovate or rebuild, it’s completely different than purchasing a move-in ready home. You won’t care so much about what’s there now, but more about what it can become and what it will cost. Our experience in the A-to-Z of real estate make us a uniquely qualified realtor to help you purchase your property as an integral part of your design-build journey.

California Department of Real Estate license number 01911600.


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