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We can’t help it, we’re both from Europe. When we started, our clients were charmed with our designs, so it became our trademark.

Europe is an amazing source of inspiration and styles. Whether your style is more Scandinavian, Mediterranean or something in between, there will not be another house on the block quite like the one we can create for you.

European design can be summarized in four words: Functional, Distinctive, High-Quality, and Beautiful. CHECK OUT THE INSPIRATION.


To make sure you get the home of your dreams, we go through an inspiring design journey with you. A series of interactive sessions exploring possibilities, ideas, and inspiration kick off the design process.

Then we hone in on all the details, room by room and interior to exterior, making sure the space works perfectly for you and your family, and within your budget.
We will transform any existing property or build a new designer home using your personal style and infuse it with European inspiration. The result is a perfect balance of your personality and taste, esthetics, comfort and practicality.


The building process is tedious, time-consuming, complicated and stressful. Sound like fun? Not so much – which is why we’ll take care of it for you.

We take care of the permitting process, the sourcing, the budgeting, the construction, the workers, the inspections all the way to the selection and installation of the finishes. We can even take care of finding and purchasing the “diamond in the rough” for you! That’s what we call end-to-end design and build.


We believe creating a home should be an enjoyable and exciting journey from start to finish. That’s why we try to take all the negatives out of it for you, and you’ll never have to mediate between the architect and contractor because we are both.

We deal with the hassles, headaches, surprises, negotiations and bureaucracy, so that you can enjoy the process and most importantly, the end-result: a beautiful European-inspired home, designed and built especially for you. Enjoy!


Dreaming is great, but bringing your dreams to life is even greater.

Let’s start the conversation with a one hour session and no matter what happens, you’ll walk away inspired.


Hoff-Genoist was founded by Jalda Hoff and Bertrand Genoist in 2010.

Bertrand is French. He’s a licensed architect and contractor, with an artists’ personality and an uncompromising demand for quality. Jalda is Dutch. She’s a designer and licensed real estate agent. Her taste for interior design plus her background in business and finance make her the perfect partner for Bertrand (and vice versa). Together they inspire and empower each other, their team and the clients they work with.

With their European roots and the way people responded to their designs and quality, they recognized an amazing opportunity: transforming “tired” properties by infusing them with European style and workmanship, and creating in practical, distinctive, and beautiful homes full of character and quality. The rest is history. Have a look at THEIR PROJECTS and VIEW THEM ON TV.



What is European Design? We weren’t really conscious about the fact that our style was “European” until the feedback we got on our projects made us think about it. I (Jalda, with my realtor hat on) would sit at open

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